4 Warning Signs You Need To Get Your Brakes Replaced

Brakes are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle whether you have a BMW Porsche, or Mercedes or any other type of car. This is because these devices keep you safe as well as preventing the car from driving through unwanted places or things. When it comes to brakes, the only sure fire way to know if you need new brakes is if you take your care for a scheduled inspection and get results back saying you need a replacement. There are other factors to look out for while driving that are actually warning signs that you need new brakes.

Here are some signs of brake problems to look out for. If you experience any of these you should visit your repair shop or see a specialist as soon as possible.

Reduced Responsiveness or Fading

If your brakes are not responding as they normally would and should then this could be taken as an indication of a leak in the braking system. Another sign of a leak is if the pedal sinks towards the floor of your car. The type of leak could be either air or brake fluid but both require an inspection. The oldest way to figure out if your brake fluid is leaking is if you notice a small puddle of fluid when your car is parked.


If you are braking and your car starts to pull to one side it may be a sign that the brake linings are wearing unevenly. Another cause of this pulling motion is if there is some sort of foreign matter in the brake fluid. If either of these reasons are causing any pulling while you brake then you may need a brake adjustment or to have your fluids drained and replaced.

Grinding or Growling

If you start hearing a grinding or growling sound while you apply brakes to your car then your brake pads have been worn down completely beyond replacement. This noise is caused when the two metal pieces of the brake rubbing together. The longer you drive with worn down brake pads, the more likely you are to “score” or scratch your rotors and creating an uneven surface. Once the rotors are uneven, you will need to have them “turned” by a professional or replaced depending on the damage.


If you are driving, applying the brakes and notice a vibration or pulsating brake pedal then it is a sign your have warped rotors. Not to be confused from vibration when your vehicle is our of alignment, if the vibration occurs during braking situations when the anti-lock brakes are not engaged then it is a sign of warped rotors. This vibration is felt because the brake pads are not able to grab the surface easily.

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