Just like with regular cars, BMW’s, Porsche’s and Mercedes’s need to have regular inspections for optimal performance. This goes especially well with fuel systems as internal combustion engines will not run without them. There are parts in a fuel system that are meant to stand up to years of use, but some parts tend to out last longer than other parts of the system. The system as a whole should be inspected regularly to see what parts of the system need to be check on.  As some parts of a fuel system need to be inspected more often than a others as well as different parts needing different levels of maintenance.

Fuel System Parts To Be Inspected

  • Fuel Filter – The fuel filter needs to be inspected or replaced the most often out of the other parts of the fuel system. Regular inspection is good to keep track of its usage so you know when to get it replace. Filters of a fuel system should be replaced every 10,000-15,000 miles.
  • Hoses – The hoses in which the fuel running to components of the engine bay should be checked regularly. Whenever you have your car serviced, ask your mechanic to check these tubes for breaks, blockage or anything else that would cause concern.
  • Fuel Injectors – Injectors should be inspected annually for performance issues. However, they should be replaced if there are issues with fuel delivery within your engine.
  • Fuel Lines – As with any line in your car, if you see that fuel is leaking under your car then you should have your hard fuel lines inspected. Any leakage should result in replacing those faulty lines for new ones that will not leak.
  • Fuel Pump – Pumps usually last around 100,000 miles but there could be signs that inspection is needed. This happens when the pumps begin surging fuel towards the engine or not delivering enough fuel. You will want to get an inspection regardless of the mileage if any surging begins.
  • Fuel Tanks – Fuel tanks necessarily don’t need to be inspected as they tend to last around 10 years. However, to extend the life of your fuel tank, avoid water and excess moisture at all cost to extend the life of your tank past 10 years.

Performing regular inspections and maintenance will increase the life span of your fuel system as well as providing your vehicle with consistent performance. To schedule a fuel system inspection for your BMW, Porsche or Mercedes call our office today!



Mercedes Repair & More Coming Soon!

We have been busy at work the past couple of months renovating our shop with extensions. That is right, we are going to be opening our specialist services to both Mercedes and Audi! We are still getting the shop ready but once it is finished we will be offering the same auto repair specialist services for these brands of cars! From transmission repair to scheduled maintenance, we can do any repair with the highest of quality. Stay tune for more updates on our new services!

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BMW Using ReachNow Technology

Millennials’ do not have the desire to own an actual car. In most cases, this generation utilizes the option of ride-sharing services. By using more of these services, it can hurt the traditional process of buying and owning a car. In order to stay relevant and to keep up with evolving technologies, The BMW Group created a car rental service ReachNow. Since launching in Seattle, Washington in April 2016, they have now included ride-sharing to their options of travel.  

ReachNow’s new service is similar to the big name ride-sharing services of Uber and Lyft. However, ReachNow gets you from your initial starting point to your destination with the option to ride or drive. Car-sharing allows you to rent various models of BMWs and MINI models throughout the designated city whether it is a long or short trip. It has expanded to Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York over the past year and is rapidly growing. This company is giving their customers the option if they choose to drive, or if they want to be driven.

Offering multiple services allows for more freedom to the customer. This also will help ReachNow with figuring out where to improve, but also learn how people navigate in and around the city. Some may want to be driven for five minutes. Others may want to drive themselves for several hours.

ReachNow is still very new, with launching their ride-sharing services and only having it offered in Seattle as of right now. Their app for ride-sharing is not in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store at this time. However, they do have their car-sharing service in the two app stores.

BMW Group Plans 40 New Models By End Of 2018

The BMW Group has plans to roll out over 40 new or updated models across its luxury brands – BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. This roll out is to happen by the end of next year (2018) with the focus leaning more towards the SUV portfolio to take aim at the crown that Mercedes currently holds in the luxury SUV market. BMW made this decision after the successful launch of the 5 Series as well as one in three global sales of BMW were SUVs. by the years end, BMW will launch a new X2 SUV by the end of the year with a the newer, X3, version on the way as well.

Rolls-Royce will also be entering he SUV market with their vehicle; the Cullinan as well as a new generation of Phantom cars will roll out between 2017 and 2018.

With the announcement of new models and rejuvenated models coming in the next couple of years, BMW has also stated that electrification strategy with their vehicles will come as well. This is considered the second wave of electrification for the BMW Group. They will roll this out with all electric versions of the MINI hatch and BMW X3 SUV models, that will introduce autonomous tech that has never been seen in production cars before.

Dual Clutch & Manual Transmissions Are On Their Way Out

The time of manual and dual clutch transmissions may soon cease to exist, says an executive from BMW. There was a time where enthusiasts that were serious about performance driving took a dual clutch or manual option when buying a car. However, with advances in technology and high torqued engines these once sought after transmission options may soon be a thing in the past. Vice President for Sales and Marketing at BMW M, said he expects manual and dual-clutch transmissions to be phased out in the next couple of  years. He also stated that a manual transmission may not be offered on the next-generation M3 and M4 due later this decade.

One of the main reasons why manual is getting phased out is that they tend to lack durability when used with high torque engines. In addition to that, manual transmissions have a low take up rate and an “awful” shift quality if high torque engines are being used. For dual clutch transmissions, there once was a market for them as they caused easier shifting speed and had a lighter weight. With advances in the auto industry, that advantage is no longer apparent as well as dual clutch not being reliable with high torque engines. Even Audi has been switching to automatic for their high performance cars.

The popularity of self-driving cars and electric powered cars makes choosing automatic transmissions over the alternatives a smarter choice when designing these new cars.

Transmission Signs That Should Not Ignored

Transmission replacements are one of car owner’s worse nightmares. Mainly because it costs an arm and a leg to replace. You can avoid a huge cost by noticing signs of transmission problems and repairing them right away. Here are five transmission problems that you should not ignore and try to fix as soon as possible.


Transmission slipping is when you feel like you are driving in a certain gear and then the car switches to a different gear on its own. This will happen randomly and unexpectedly, as well as the noise from your engine might begin to pitch differently. Another sign of transmission slipping is when your car feels like it is having a hard time. It also may feel like the car is not running at full power or potential and acceleration is not as it usually is.

Rough Shifts

If you are trying to shift gears and the transition from gear to gear is not smooth, then you may have an issue with your transition. Another obvious sign that something is up with our transmission is hear thuds. If you start to hear thuds after switching from gear to gear, then you should get your transmission checked out as soon as possible.

Delayed Response

This is when you switch from park to drive and your car takes a minute before acting as if it is in drive. Another way to tell if your car may need to get its transmission fixed is after you switch gears, there is a long pause, revving the engine, before the car engages in the drive gear.


Since transmissions are sealed units within an engine, there should be no fluid leakage. If you notice any leaking, you should take your car to a specialist. You can test it yourself to see if the leak is constant or just a once and a while type leak. Once you notice the leak on the ground, place cardboard or any item to catch any future leaking to see if it is an active leak. If it is then you need to bring your car to a repair shop. If not, still bring it in but explain the issues and a mechanic can give you a proper assessment.

Check Engine Light

Normally when the check engine light turns on, it means the car is generating an error code. These should be checked as well but are not as severe as replacing a transmission, and doesn’t mean the transmission needs to be replaced. However, if you have the engine light on in addition to the symptoms mentioned above then you should make a repair shop appointment.


If you have any transmission issues with your BMW or Porsche please call us today to schedule an appointment!

BMW Rolls Out Concept for the BMW X2

BMW continues to add to their SUV line with a new roll out. BMW has finally launched their concept to what the BMW X2 will look like. What makes this model so interesting is the fact there are a lot of design features that are different from its predecessor. The front end of the car seems to be wider than that of the X1, since the big air intakes are positioned on the sides. The kidney shaped grills have also been redesigned with a distinct shape and upside down design. To distinguish the X2 even further, the kidney grills are no longer connected to the headlights as seen in previous BMW models.

The purpose of the new X2 is to be more practical and a more stylish model compared to the X1. The senior vice president stated, “The BMW Concept X2 is a vehicle for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality”.  Adding that the new look offers a new and exciting look for the BMW brand. BMW plans to have the final design of the X2 done soon as well as continue to expand their SUV department in the future.

If you decide to purchase this amazing compact car, be sure to contact us with any repair need you may have!

BMW Gets The OK On Diesel Models

The EPA has been on high alert since Volkswagen admitted to installing devices that allowed their diesel models to pass emissions tests unfairly. With that discovery, there have been multiple delays in the release of diesel-fuel vehicles. With BMW being the latest to get these delays, which has hindered the diesel market in which they want to enter. Recently, however, BMW was given the green light to bring their 2017 models of diesel vehicles into the US.

The BMW vehicles in question were tested multiple times to ensure that there were no dishonest devices installed, like the ones Volkswagen had used. After passing the tests, BMW was pleased to receive the green light to bring in their 2017 models. This opportunity, puts them ahead of Mercedes as the 2017 model year begins. The EPA has refused Mercedes the right to bring in their diesel models as they are still investigating their emissions certification. With this advantage, BMW has the opportunity to sell more units as 2017 approaches. With more diesel vehicles coming into the market, this opens up the opportunity or diesel repairs to be on the rise. With as this is a specialty service, it is even more important now than ever to go to a BMW specialist to have your car get checked out and have maintenance done to.

BMW Motorrad Teams Up with Start-Up Rever

blue bmw motorcycleBMW’s motorcycle brand, Motorrad, has teamed up with the start up Rever,to create a global community for motorcyclists. What the Rever app does is give motorcyclists the ability to discover new roads, track your rides and share that information with others through social media. What the partnership plans to do have the motorcycle community connect throughout riding experiences. The vision both of these companies see is the future of motorcycling as a connected experience. A community that uses technology to connect, enhance their riding experience and share their passion for riding. The ultimate goal is to give those who live in areas where locating other riders is difficult, a way to connect. All at the same time making the motorcycle experience more accessible, promote the  BMW lifestyle and share the enthusiasm of the motorcycling world with everyone.
The app is available now for Android and iOS.


Even though we do not specialize with motorcycles, we do take pride in giving great repair services to all kinds of BMW and Porsche vehicles! Call us today for more information as well as our prices!

BMW Welcomes Event

On June 23rd, BMW had another event with their BMW Welcomes event series. This event took place at the BMW Welt in Germany and focused on future mobility. As technology evolves, transportation has begun to change as well with new advances. Such as rear cameras to help when backing up, sensors to inform drivers when objects are close by, and self stopping features. In addition, future mobility is the way we transport ourselves through technological advances while reducing cost and environmental damage. BMW has already introduced three concepts to further explore BMW’s cultural change. The BMW Vision Next 100, the Mini Vision Next 100 and the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 all explore the next steps in self driving. As well, they show digital integration between cars and drivers as well as their passengers.

The BMW Welcomes event on June 23rd talked about concepts for self driving automobiles, as well as further advances with future mobility. Along with future mobility, the event also focused on the impact of global change due to environmental pollution and how the evolution in transportation can help reduce the pollution rate. Some thoughts that came to mind during this event is how automotive companies may ponder the idea of using innovations by companies that are not usually associated with transportation.